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Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is an American real estate franchise owned by Realogy, with headquarters in Madison, New Jersey. It was founded in 1906 in San Francisco, and has approximately 3,000 offices in 49 countries and territories. It publishes an annual house price guide, Home Listing Report.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is terrible, they only care about themselves. Head boss is very greedy. Do not recommend."

Former Employee - Branch Manager says

"Antiquated tech systems and no clear direction on getting new ones. Poor marketing support for Agents and Staff. Senior leadership that are uncaring bullies. High pressure, performance based solely on "make your calls to recruits". No vacation time ("take all you need as long as the job gets done" = no time off, work 7 days a week and get burnt out). Branch Managers spread extremely thin with the amount of responsibilities they have. Low pay. High manager & staff turn-over (with frequent lay-offs to satisfy Realogy's investors). Inconsistent and poor communication from Senior Leadership. Senior Leadership plays favorites, does not coach their managers, does not promote from within and is not collaborative with their managers: "it's my way or the highway"."

Former Employee - Realtor says

"Fees for everything and complete greed. Terrible management. High mandatory “insurance fee”. Mandatory land line fee. Who on earth uses a land line? Old outdated office. Death notices constantly because so many of the agents are senior citizens. Terrible lead system that gives messages that don’t make any sense. Office meeting emails that use pictures from the 70’s and take up 30+ MB. They also sell your contact info to overpriced vendors that give them a cut. I got spam daily and scam emails and texts every few weeks. Just awful on every level."

Former Employee - Transaction Coordinator says

"HR doesn't do anything regarding multiple complaints from the staff regarding management. Over worked and underpaid. Female staff was given more duties compared to the men and are paid less."

Former Employee - Realtor says

"A few specific agent in the Pineda - Palm Shores, Fl. office are cruel! Company needs mentors and teams"

Former Employee - Agent says

"Required to be at sales meetings and took away 'benefits' if you did not attend or go on office tours. Also, they bury in a $200 transaction fee and at the next sales meeting, they actually name and clap for the agents that were able to screw their sellers out of the extra $200. Classy"

Former Employee - Realtor says

"This company has no redeeming qualities."

Former Employee - Agent says

"Commission splits higher than anywhere else. No way to make money. Use remote broker a lot"

Former Employee - Transaction Coordinator says

"Can't really remember oanything pro about my experience"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"• No collaboration. • Poor leadership. • Unreasonably strict rules. • The HR and Accounting are run by same person which is at minimum unethical. • Low pay with large amount of job responsibilities. • Cheap and inadequate benefits, that only serve the company and not the employees. • Disorganized. • Leadership is oblivious to the concerns and areas of improvement needed. • No budgeting or planning for events, ultimately leads to ineffective and cheap results."

Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"I did not grow in my real estate career. I sold my family members home at Coldwell Banker and made very little due to the high franchise fees. The training does not prepare you to market a listing and their is no business referral for new agents. The office administration is excellent. Thanks to them I was able to market my listing and receive my commission.Well known brokerageI was not helped with my listing"

Realtor Associate (Former Employee) says

"Had to pay for mandatory training you are promised the world and receive no support. Absolutely horrible wouldn't recommend to anyone for any reason ever."

Salesperson Representative (Former Employee) says

"Real Estate in Nova Scotia is not what I expected when I was invited to the industry by a former coworker. I was successful in getting the position and I'm grateful for the experience nonetheless.Nice private office.Slow sales"

Realtor/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working here was absolutely miserable. No training. No support. No trust. The brokers are out of touch with reality and the modern world. Their expectations of what you should sell to earn recognition or a raise in commission are dillusional."

Agent, Realtor (Current Employee) says

"This is a dying brand with horrible management and corporate clowns from New Jersey that treat you like a number. Franchise owners are greedy and narcissistic, especially in Grand Junction. Go to Sotheby's if you want to sell luxury or actually produce."


"I have worked for CB for over 2 years. This is BY FAR the worst company I have had the displeasure of working with. Nobody knows what they are doing and playing the blame game is their favorite thing to do. You are expected to take on more work than you can reasonably handle and watch as management does NOTHING. The supervisors are great and do their best to help out but upper management and floor managers have no clue what we do or how to answer questions."

Finance asst (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. No support and lots of criticism. The job changed constantly and I was given no training with new tasks. I did learn some things at the beginning but once the company was sold everything changed for the worse.NoneDepressing"

Assistant Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"this place is awful :-) gas smell, rodents and bugs in the building every year there was a new president Coldwell Banker will take anyone and not train them properly"

Accounting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible expectations!! Owner accused me of theft because she does not even know who her vendors are. This was after an argument over her ability to know how long it takes to finish financials (monthly) with 8+ offices to keep A/P an A/R, payroll, and Agent Payments, taxes, etc. up-to-date. One person in accounting."

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"This was not the atmosphere for me it is not professional to open up a can of worms. Some places have better opportunities and are open to teaching and helping new people to the industry."

Ruolo di assistente immobiliare (Former Employee) says

"Si esigeva che io passassi 12 ore in ufficio o a lavoro, abbandonando completamente i miei interessi. Poca serieta' e 0 formazioneBell'ufficio"

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Anywhere else is a better choice. Waste of time Run in the opposite directions Pleaser management No benefits. The worse is the vice president who is so controlling that nobody stay long."

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"Bad management and they treat their realtors poorly. Everyone is cut throat, especially the acting broker. Everyone is looking out for themselves only. Plus the fees are ridiculous for what they offer."

Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"The commission was barely anything, nothing was good enough. It is really hard to make anything work when you are calling people at different times of the day and they end up being the same people you spoke to in the morning! And there was a huge power trip. I didn’t appreciate it why I was talk down to, but I still sucked it up but at the end I left the company for all those reasons but I thank them for giving me the opportunity"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"This franchise of Coldwell Banker owns several locations. Office managers receive no benefits, earn a fair wage but not 100% liveable needing to have other work. Hours are office hours but often expected to volunteer on weekends without pay and run events in community after hours also without added pay making it less ideal for those with families. Management has high expectations but not clear communication style. They have gone through atleast 6 office managers in a 12 month period. High employee turnover, dishonest agents, lots of disgruntled comments and zero benefits make this a place to avoid!free parkingno benefits, poor management, zero employee appreciation"

Accounting Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Accounting Supervisor is a racist and likes to put employees against each other and will assign one person to spy on others while she is out. Expecting to report everything that was observed. If you are late or leave early will need to use your PTO to cover time"

REAL ESTATE AGENT (Former Employee) says

"The management here is horrible The agents fight all the time There is no team work or development here They need to work to developers agents and make them successful"

Real Estate Sales and Transaction Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"slow paced, too many new agents. Difficult to work with agents with no experience. Management too focused on top producers. No benefits and commission split to high."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Coldwell Banker in the Parker, CO as a contractor sales associate. The Parker office was very political. There was intense competition between agents, arguments in the hallways, and I was told I could not "farm" in certain areas AFTER I signed up with them, paid them fees, $$$ etc. It is a cold hearted company that only cares about getting your fees and does very little to help you actually grow your business. My advice: Stay away as their business model is very old fashioned (it's going away like VHS tapes and the typewriter) and this particular office is a good ol boys game."

AP/AR Processor (Former Employee) says

"I really don't feel comfortable discussing what went on at this company. Even though they are a large company they ran the office like a mom n pop business. A lot of favoritism going on and they did not pay very well." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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